Let’s Avatar it!

How frequently do we listen this: “I am so much better at remembering faces than names” or “I have a photographic reminiscence for faces”, or “Oh, sure! I recognize their face from someplace”? It’s been established that people are wired to recognize and recollect faces, it begins in infancy. Even if you haven’t seen somebody in 10, 20, or 30 years, and despite the effects of time, you’ll almost usually realize someone whilst you meet them once more.

When we talk about massively developing virtual reality environment, an avatar is the graphical representation of the person or the consumer’s modify ego or character; in other words, an avatar is likewise a “face”. The greater specific the “face” is, the higher danger it has of being acknowledged and therefore remembered. Avatars normally tackle a human-like appearance, which levels from photographic representation to tremendously stylized or practical looking characters in each 2d and 3D environments.

Avatars that represent their customers appear in lots of facets of the cyber space along with virtual boardrooms, messaging and chatting, internet or console gaming, advertising, broadcasting, film, television, training and schooling.

A lot of people including myself, take a liking at creating animations, and characters of themselves which are so much fun to look at. Since the wise have always said that an avatar of a person is the sole personification of the memory he leaves upon, it is by large scheme important to create an image of creativity well in order to represent one self.

It was then, I started looking for websites that could help me draw a cartoon image of my face. For those who are an animation lover it will be a treat to find out the options available for creating an animation at the Avatarmaker.net

As soon as I opened the website, it took me right up from there. All I had to do was to just pick and choose what seemed fit and the avatar was ready. One minute I was smiling the other minute I was laughing with how much creativity I could put into making an avatar or myself as well my friends’ images in order to tease them later.

Cartoon-ifying the photo actually attracts a lot of friends and peers. Also it looks so similar to nature that it hardly looks like an alien face. Sometimes, the cartoons photos are actually a best fit for the profile picture, A) because they grab attention B) it keeps your privacy intact.

The best part is – it’s absolutely free of cost. All you have to invest is your creativity and sense of imagination.

Here are some of the interesting features you will like about using Avatarmaker.net

· It is so easy to use

· It starts with a naked image and you can start decorating it as you may seem fit

choose gender

· Eye section is absolutely divine. You can choose to stay realistic about your eyes or make them look cartoon like.

· The hair have just about every option for both genders, suitable to your liking, taste and ethnicity.

· You can use your creativity with selecting even the cutest possible of noses. I personally like the feature for nose a lot because before using this web portal I always thought my nose as the much alien-likely but avatarmaker.net make me feel much included and humanely or my nose for that matter.


· You will be surprised to find out that the lips at avatarmaker.net come with an expression. Suiting all types of people it was something very interesting to see when I was trying it for my friends’ faces, even if I didn’t remember that what their lips actually looked like, the lip impression and lipstick colors helped me largely to transform their perfectly looking face to a charming look avatar

· Then it’s the clothes, it’s cute that the avatarmaker.net lets you avatar decide what to wear!

· Along with the eyes you can choose the most befitting eyebrows and can decorate your eyes with the glasses of your liking.

· The moment you click enter the photo is absolutely perfect for a portrait or profile photo.

From a far it might seem as a large challenging compelling world of avatars but once you get down to it you may realize what a beauty you have created.